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Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

At Ayala Law Office, PC, our firm offers the experience and advice that you need in setting up your limited liability company or your partnership and we can also assist in ending business disputes involving your partnership and LLC. We offer legal services to clients in an individual and corporate capacity throughout the Tucson Metroplex, the Maricopa County Metroplex and their surrounding areas. Our Tucson business partnership attorneys are committed to helping our clients form, create and resolve their legal matter effectively.

For answers to your questions about your partnership and what can or cannot be done, contact one of our experienced business partnership lawyers today. Together, we will devise a strategy to meet your goals and your challenges head-on. We will also make every attempt to resolve disputes outside of having to litigate the matter before the court and we will work to help you avoid the time-consuming and costly litigation process.  If necessary, we will be prepared and we will be there to help you bring your suit before the court or before a jury.


A partnership or a shareholder dispute is any conflict arising out of a partnership or shareholder agreement.  Our attorneys specialize in formation and dispute resolution. We offer legal services to our clients in their issues that may involve:

  • Breach of partnership agreement
  • Breach of fiduciary duty owed by partners to other partners
  • Breach of fiduciary duty owed by directors to shareholders
  • Treatment of partnership assets and debts
  • Partnership taxation
  • Shareholder derivative suits
  • S and C Corporation formation and litigation
  • Shareholder rights in fundamental business changes such as mergers and acquisitions
  • Dissolution of partnerships or corporations
  • Embezzlement and money laundering white collar criminal defense
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Other legal issues


Many times, lawsuits can be avoided through mediation, informal settlement negotiations and other effective legal mechanisms such as arbitration or collaborative law resolution. At Ayala Law Office, PC, our qualified attorneys will diligently explore the most cost-effective approach in handling your legal issues and disputes. We will also make sure that you are involved in your case, and that you make the decisions regarding your case, and we will offer our guidance and our expertise so that you can make those decisions. We will also discuss options and the best suited mechanism to reach your professional needs and goals. If your dispute cannot be favorably resolved, our experienced business litigation lawyers will be there to litigate and to protect your rights and interests in Trial either before a Judge or a Jury.

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For experienced, reliable and effective legal representation, contact the Arizona partnership and shareholder dispute lawyers at Ayala Law Office, PC in Tucson, Arizona. We may be reached at 520-365-3185 or you can also contact us by e-mail.

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