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Winning your case and having a favorable result in any business or personal legal dispute requires an experienced legal team who understands the legal process and who takes the time to investigate the evidence and understands how to build the strongest possible argument on your behalf. At Ayala Law Office, PC, our experienced Tucson litigation legal team delivers exceptional representation during the litigation process, through mediation and at trial level if settlement negotiations do not result in closure of the matter. In the courts of Pima County and other Arizona courts, our lawyers use their combined knowledge gained, of over 85 years, to meet the needs of their business and individual clients.  In cases arising from contract claims, alleged breaches or torts or other types of legal disagreements, our dedicated and experienced legal team provides assertive advocacy in a professional, cost-effective manner.


By working closely with the individual client’s and the companies we represent, our law firm has built a strong track record since its opening in the year 2002. As accomplished commercial, business and civil litigation attorneys, we handle a wide range of legal matters for our Arizona businesses and clients, including:

  • Business disputes — Our firm represents small and large companies in contract claims, contract breaches and tort matters and other commercial disagreements. Rather than wasting time and money on needless procedures, we use the necessary and effective legal methods to conclude the matter favorably and promptly.
  • Breach of contract claims — In cases where someone has breached the terms of a contract, we provide a detailed analysis of the relevant language in the agreement and determine how to either bring the breaching party out of the breach or we will litigate the matter to enforce the contract and obtain any damages incurred from the breach. We will work with you to develop a strategy designed to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Shareholder and partnership conflicts — Conflicts that arise among partners and fellow shareholders create serious problems for the parties and the underlying business. Our firm can help you overcome the emotional and financial aspects of these disputes and protect your rights in a way that minimizes harm to the company.
  • Corporate dissolution — If your company is in the process of dissolving, our lawyers explain the legal details that must be addressed, and we help you to resolve the lingering and closing disputes.
  • Fraud and breach of fiduciary duty — When a business is accused of misrepresentation or the violation of a fiduciary duty, the evidence is often based on subjective interpretations or ambiguous language. In these matters, it is crucial to be represented by an experienced litigator who knows how to challenge the alleged breach or fraud, to gather the necessary evidence and to present a clear narrative for the court and be ready to litigate should a trial be necessary.
  • Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Contracts — Contracts in employment law can lead to disputes and litigation if one of the parties does not abide by the agreement. It can also threaten your or the company’s livelihood. Our lawyers offer thorough advice and advocacy for contract breach issues and actions, including claims under federal and Arizona law.

Regardless of your specific concern, our team of expertise will pursue your objectives, without overlooking the essentials of the case and the effect the case will have on your bottom line.

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