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Employment contracts and other employment-related contracts are an important part of the employment process and are usually offered to a person being offered a high level executive position or to a person bringing a benefit to the company. These legal documents and legal contracts establish the relationship between an employer and an employee. An employment agreement is most effective when the rights and obligations of both parties are clearly established. If there is an employment agreement, and if that agreement is breached, the employee (or employer) has a right to sue under the contract. We at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC can help with Tucson employment agreements and more.

In most cases, and in all states, if there is no employment agreement between an employee and the employer, then the employee was hired “at will,” and that employee can be terminated at any time the employer chooses, with little to no opportunity for the employee to sue for damages, unless a federal or state law was violated.  Also, if the person is terminated with cause, he or she may not be able to seek unemployment benefits.

At the law firm of Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, our employment agreement attorneys assist our clients in a variety of legal matters relating to the review, drafting and negotiation of employment contracts and the enforcement of these employment agreements. If you are an employee or employer looking into a possible breach of an employment contract or employment agreement, please contact one of the contract attorneys regarding our firm’s services, or please contact a Tucson contract lawyer or agreement lawyer at our firm today at 520-365-3185.

If you have been offered a severance package or a severance agreement, it is advisable that you have a qualified litigation attorney or contract business attorney such as those at our firm, review the terms of the contract/agreement to ensure that your personal and financial best interests are being protected and so that both parties can equally benefit.

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We will work to enforce or defend your employment contract or any other business-related contract to protect your contractual rights. Please contact one of our contract attorneys online or call us at 520-365-3185 to schedule an initial consultation.

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